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Revolutionize your claims handling process

Over $120 billion is spent each year in the paperwork of handing insurance claims. Your skilled claims handlers spend upwards of 25% of their day performing tedious data entry. Eliminate that wasted time & cost and put your claims handlers to work on the valuable decision-making that you hired them to do.

Flexibility to handle any type of document you receive

We understand that it's impossible to know every type of documentation you'll ever receive. That's why we've designed to let you dynamically define the Extraction Targets you need. Whether you are processing body shop invoices, medical statements, police reports, or anything unique to your insurance sector, has the flexibility to adapt to any question on any document.

Perfect accuracy, validated by qualified personnel

Typical OCR solutions cannot be relied upon to avoid mistakes. Even fully manual processes don't have the checks in place to ensure high accuracy and avoid a costly extra zero. Our hybrid AI + human-in-the-loop platform ensures perfect accuracy while minimizing cost, and provides detailed metrics surrounding your information extraction operations.

With our Enterprise Plan, validation routing can be further customized by licensing or seniority requirements, ensuring that the most expensive resources never again waste their time with rote data entry. Whether using our licensed specialists, your own workforce, or a combination of the two, provides perfect information, satisfies regulations, and eliminates up to 25% of your claims handling overhead.

Revolutionize your claims handling process today.

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