Perfect Information

from your Documents

Client Document Handling


Eliminate the tedious part of your work

As a CPA or corporate accountant, entering data from receipts, invoices, tax forms, etc. is time-intensive, tedious, and expensive. Instead of spending valuable time getting that data out of PDFs and scans, let extract the information contained, while you focus on providing the maximum value and savings to your clients.

Export clean and structured data

With multiple export formats and connectors, you can export the information extracted from your client's document in CSV/Excel files ready for use. With our Professional Plan, you can also directly feed this information into accounting software such as QuickBooks or SAP, or into tax preparation software such as ProSeries or Onvio.

Let us handle the tedious part of your work starting today.

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Tangible Intelligence creates Business as a Service offerings. Our services and tools are purpose built to solve your business’s rote and mundane work, freeing your workforce to focus on innovation and creativity, and unleash the true value of your company and your team.
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