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Document Processing

Healthcare Management

Streamline and digitize your workflow

Combine PDFs and faxes of patient forms, prescriptions, notes, insurance claims, etc., and extract structured information for reporting or automatic entry into downstream systems. Eliminate tedious and time-consuming work by your hospital or clinic's back office and allow your team to focus their efforts on your patients' needs.

Fully HIPAA compliant

All aspects of our platform are designed to be HIPAA compliant for personally identifying patient information. You control the source and destination of data; we only handle the information extraction, and can read and write data to your private cloud or on-premises environment.

Flexibility to handle any type of document you receive

We understand that it's impossible to know every type of documentation you'll even receive. That's why we've designed to let you dynamically define the Extraction Targets you need. Whether you are processing patient forms, doctor's notes, prescriptions, or anything else, has the flexibility to adapt to any question on any document.

Discover new insights from old records and research

Unlock the potential stored in old records and pharmaceutical research. Using our Advanced Extraction Targets, can search for and extract insightful results from your archives of research papers and findings. Our platform can serve as a fully custom and infinitely extensible search engine through troves of scanned documents to help you discover your next breakthrough.

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