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Accelerate your business with AI-driven information extraction for high-compliance environments.

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Turn your documents into information you can use goes beyond optical character recognition (OCR) to extract structured information from any document. Our Artificial Agents are trained by example and powered by cutting-edge AI solutions, converting all of your PDFs and scanned documents into structured data, and allowing you to focus on the things that make your business succeed.
Perfect Accuracy

Our Machine Learning powered solution extracts error-free information you can trust.

Save Time

Focus on what matters. Data entry is expensive and slow.

Simple Integration

Start using in days, not months.

No-Code AI

Our AI platform is continually learning from each document you submit, without requiring a single line of code or training a model.

Always Cutting Edge

Our modular platform allows us to swap in the latest and greatest in AI research, with zero impact to your API integration.

Any Question,
Any Document

We don't confine you to a single document type or set of questions. You define what you need and handles the rest.

Machine Learning

Teach by example. Trust by validation.

Recording of processing a medical bill using microtasking.
No-Code Machine Learning, tailored to your data

Our hyper-optimized user experience allows you to define questions and demonstrate examples in record time. Our machine learning platform is constantly learning from your examples, and will start taking over your work right away.

Built-in human validation as long as needed

Our human-in-the-loop platform automatically and silently incorporates result validation from a team of specialists for as long as needed to ensure perfect accuracy can be achieved. This means your results are as reliable on day one as they are on day one thousand.

Validation as a Service

Say goodbye to the time-sink of managing a team of data labelers, or worse, transcribing data yourself. Once you define your question and provide a small number of examples, our team of data entry specialists takes over to ensure the AI learns your exact problem, and validates the data before sending it back to you. Just provide the documents and we return the perfect information.

Extraction Targets

Information extraction for your entire business

Easily define your questions

Ask any question about your documents by creating Extraction Targets. Basic extraction targets include anything you might read on a report: names, dates, amounts, or tables and lists. Define these targets by example, and our AI learns what you mean automatically.

Advanced Extraction Targets to handle any workflow

Don't be limited to just extracting fields on a report. The Professional edition includes more complex Extraction Target support, such as categorization into user-defined buckets, and context-aware information from sentences or paragraphs of text. As always, our AI engine learns from your examples, not from strict rules you have to create.

Advanced and custom validation to eliminate mistakes downstream

Know that your invoice numbers are always a specific format, or that the "VIN" target is always a vehicle's identification number? Leverage our library of built-in data validators for common extraction targets to make sure typos never impact downstream systems again. Have a unique format? Define your own validation rules with our easy-to-use wizard, and our AI engine will make sure ambiguities always resolve in the direction that's right for you.

Recording of processing a letter


Get started in minutes with dynamic integrations and flexible data types

Recording of processing a medical bill using microtasking.
Any document format, any data source

Gone are the days of limited image formats and required pre-processing. Upload any PDF or image of a document, including scanned or photographed documents, with a drag-and-drop interface, and get started extracting data instantly.

Flexible export formats

Instantly use extracted information in downstream systems or data analysis with flexible export formats, such as CSV/Excel, or in custom integrations with JSON.

Pre-built & custom integrations

Use one of our pre-built integrations to connect to the rest of your business services, such as your CRM (SalesForce, PipeDrive), claims processing (FineOS), or data warehouse (Snowflake). Or, use our public APIs and SDKs to integrate to any existing SaaS offering or on-premise product.

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