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The Future of Work: You’re Getting an AI Assistant! (Or an Intelligent Agent)

There’s a lot of unease around the idea of robots taking our jobs – a fear made worse by the coronavirus pandemic and a resulting loose labor market. But most forecasters believe artificial intelligence (AI) and machines won’t replace human beings in the job market. Instead, AI will serve as aids, taking over tasks that human beings can’t – or won’t – do. Find out why an AI agent may be your next colleague and why that’s a good thing. 

Solving the "Document Problem" in Insurance

Since insurance carriers process millions of documents daily, the benefit of automating manual data entry has a profound effect on the company. By addressing these challenges, they can made into opportunities that offer a competitive edge, such as faster customer service and turnaround, reduced cost, and more satisfied customers and employees.

How Insurance Companies can Manage Millions of Cases at Scale Using AI-Powered Systems

Claims processing has long been a cumbersome, labor-intensive, and error-prone process. With the help of modern AI systems, these companies can cut through the noise, process claims faster than ever, and focus on the customer.

Redefining the Product Trade-Off Triangle: Better, Faster, Cheaper

Do you need to give your raw data structure and turn it into information faster and you don't have the luxury of sacrificing accuracy or adding resources? You might be trapped in the product trade-off triangle. It's time for you to redefine the triangle.

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